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Control - Balance - Focus
  1. What is Wushu?
    Here's a quick overview of what you can expect to accomplish while training with us.
  2. Tutorial - Wushu Back Sweep
    There is definitely a beginning, middle, and an ending to this technique. Make sure to practice each section before putting it all together.
  3. Tutorial - Wushu Front Sweep
    Definitely one of the more advanced movements that we practice. The key is a strong base leg and solid balance.
  4. How To - Top TV Stretches
    Flexibility increases mobility, decreases the chances of injury, and opens the opportunity to learn even more awesome martial arts techniques. Try to stretch whenever you have a moment to yourself.
  5. EMA Curriculum - Form 1
    It was such a nice day outside. We filmed the first form practiced in our school right on the beach.
  6. Broad Sword Basics
    Here's a breakdown of basic broadsword movements and combinations.
  7. Straight Sword Basics and Combinations
    Here's a rundown on straight sword movemeents and combinations.
  8. EMA Curriculum - Punch Combination #1
    Here's our first punch combination. Lots of the power actually comes from the stance changes.
  9. Snap Roundhouse Kick
    Every style has their own version of the roundhouse kick. We have a few. Here's one of them.
  10. Punch Combo #2
    This is our second punch combination. We've sure come a long way in terms of video quality.
  11. Horizontal Punch - TUTORIAL
    Here, we go over one of the most widely practiced punches in traditional martial arts, the horizontal punch.
  12. Vertical Punch - TUTORIAL
    This punch was made famous by Bruce lee.