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Our mission is to teach quality Chinese martial arts concepts in a safe environment in a way that cultivates discipline, positive social engagement and awareness, and body control.
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Learn the many sides of martial arts and make it YOURS!


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At Enter Martial Arts, we share the full spectrum of martial arts to give you a better understanding of what the martial art world has to offer. Whether you are looking for a fun way to get your heart pumping or would like to compete on a national level, Enter Martial Arts has programs for you.

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Work together to improve your technique and get a fulfilling workout in. As you get better, find what you enjoy most about your training and begin to specialize.
Wushu Martial Arts
Wushu was designed to look great from up close and far away. Understand the details of the movements so you can then add your personality to the technique.
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Learn Self-Defense
Click the flier above to check out our EventBrite page or just walk in. No need to purchase a uniform. No obligation to sign-up afterwards. Just fill out an application and try it out.
Understand what it means to be in control of a situation. Be aware of yourself and your environment and have the confidence to go anywhere.